Saturday, December 22, 2012

A lot of people have been asking me where they can get my new pieces. I am now in Graeber and Company, Montage Studio, Two Rivers and Posh Boutique. At this time I do not use a website but do mostly custom orders.  Please E-mail me at for custom order inquiries. 

{Mrs. Idaho United States}

Ok friends. It's official. I will be competing for the title of Mrs. Idaho United States on February 1st. I'd love all the support I can get! Having the support of my friends and family really is like the 12th man in the NFL. It really pushes me to be my best.
As you know I already competed in the Mrs. Idaho pageant in 2011 and won. I went on to Nationals and placed top ten which had only ever been done once by Idaho. It was a very proud moment for both me and Josh. Some say why not just stop there?  For me, the pageant industry is not about outer beauty. But about personal goals strength and the desire to better yourself. I am ready to win Mrs. Idaho United States and have one more try at Nationals to take my platform Nationwide.

{Jivaro Christmas Party 2012}

Well, we are all done with the 3 nights of Jivaro Christmas parties. Josh's Company really goes all out and spoils us rotten. But now all I can think is now we can really relax! Two weeks of Christmas vacation for Josh and lots of family time. We want to take a little trip during the vacation with the kids. What do you recommend? We have no idea where to go!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

{New Craving}

Ok. I have to admit something. After first Thursday with Eyecandy.... I am addicted to her macarons. I am literally dreaming about them. Ashley owner and creator of Eyecandy Event Design makes
 them herself. She told me how it has taken her YEARS to pull of the perfect macaron. I am purchasing them as gifts for all of the guys in my husbands office this year. I may even buy myself an early Christmas present as well! If you would like to view the website click HERE